Adrienne Seed is a surrealist/ dreamscape painter who has exhibited in galleries in England, America and Europe and has sculptures and paintings in major private collections.

Adrienne has sometimes described her way of painting as designing a theatre set: she interviews the characters and eventually casts those who will fit into the vision of her story. Already as a small girl she would play for hours creating theatres with ornaments and toys, drapes and settings. These 'Little Games' were to the bemusement of the rest of the family and is the title of one of her recent paintings. The defining imagery of (particularly her later) work is that of luminous, vivid colours and beautiful detail. One collector has described having an Adrienne Seed painting "like having a living kaleidescope on the wall: constantly changing as the light spotlights one character after another as the sun moves across the room."

Adrienne Seed was born in Blackburn in 1949 but spent her formative years in Singapore. After returning to England she studied at Blackburn College and Saint Martins School of Fine Art in London where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree. She then went on to Goldsmiths University to study Art Therapy.

After leaving University, Adrienne travelled to Greece, Portugal and Spain before finally settling on the beautiful and inspiring island of Ibiza where she is considered to be one of the outstanding painters on an island that boasts a wealth of talented artists. She returned to Blackburn to be with her patron, partner and the love of her life, the late Dr Brian Mercer, renowned art collector and founder of the Blackburn based company Netlon. Dr Mercer spotted Adrienne's potential as an artist at an early age and continued to promote her work until his sudden and untimely death in 1998. "Although Adrienne has been influenced by the great painters of the Surrealist movement, particularly Salvador Dali, she has the consummate ability to paint in her own inimitable manner." Dr F B Mercer OBE FRS.
In the two years prior to his death Dr Mercer encouraged Adrienne to start making sculptures and she produced a collection of bronzes which were cast at Pangolin Editions one of the leading English foundries. She also studied marble carving in Pietra Santa Italy under the supervision of Ralph Brown RA.

Her paintings have reflected her travels and life in the different communities she has lived in and are often autobiographical, but now living in the North of England her work has entered into a new exciting phase. Seemingly defying both the grey and damp landscape as well as her health condition (Adrienne was diagnosed as HIV positive in 2002), her work has become more life-affirming, more vivid, more vibrant, more packed with a technicolour interpretation of being alive. In the Venice series for example, she has said that she became obsessed with places she may never visit: the defining character is a woman on a tightrope balancing across an abyss with no visible means of support.

Apart from painting and sculpting, Adrienne has also written her autobiography entitled, "The Spider and the Fly" and was one of the first women to openly speak about her HIV status - on TV, radio and via her blog: - which has attracted over 15 million visitors. Adrienne is also available for keynote speaking.
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